The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) recently published a report describing a groundwater-flow model of the Wood River Valley (WRV) aquifer system. What makes this report unique (at least in my opinion) was the authors’ desire to make their work as reproducible as possible under budgetary constraints. The collection of raw data, source code, and processing instructions used to build and analyze the model was placed in an non-general-use R package named wrv. The package repository can be found on the Gelogical Survey R Archive Network (GRAN). Commands for installing the package are as follows:

repos <- c("", "")
install.packages("wrv", repos = repos, dependencies = TRUE)  # about 100 MB, so be patient

Report documentation was included in the wrv package as vignettes; these files are also available from the USGS Publications Warehouse. For a general overview of the project, I’ll recommend my useR! 2016 talk: